Ecommerce Web Design

Sophisticated ecommerce web sites that effectively compete locally and worldwide.

Graphic Design

Intelligently conceived, engaging and stylised to deliver.

Responsive Mobile Friendly Web Design

Responsive mobile friendly sites now given priority by Google on smart phone search results.

SEO Consultancy

Delivering first page search results on Google for businesses competing online in London and Atlanta.


Video Production

Experienced producing for BBC Worldwide, BBC and UTV – video productions that set you apart from the competition.


Experienced photographing for private, SME and multinational clients on both sides of the Atlantic.

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Belfast based web designers, graphic designers and SEO consultants.

We create responsive mobile friendly websites that deliver first page search results.

VEETOO LTD. Services overview >

Web designer Belfast collective with 14 years experience designing high end ecommerce and brochure web sites for SME clients in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland and North America, and providing graphic design services for brochure, newsletter, flier, vehicle wraps, POP, user interface, external signage, corporate identity (logo design) and stationary requirements, plus commercial photography and broadcast quality video production – we are a one stop shop for the best web design and graphic design, photography and video production services in Northern Ireland.

We are experienced creating mobile friendly responsive web sites that are internally Search Engine Optimised to ensure our clients web sites reach their target demographics through the use of intelligently conceived and developed online marketing strategies that effectively engage and compel the target audience to act on our client’s calls to action  – maximising the online reach and returns of our clients web sites.


Bespoke responsive web sites

If you require a website that is totally unique to you, a hand coded web site that is designed to a high spec and built on coding that will make your web site secure and with lightning fast page loads, then a bespoke web site designed from scratch is the way to go.

WordPress responsive web sites

This cost effective method of website development, which allows for the integration of multiple variations in front and back end features, is used by thousands of SME’s and larger organisations. Using WordPress technology to create your website means that you can quickly change your sites design and features to stay ahead of changing online technologies in a more cost effective manner than can be done with a hand coded website.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Internal SEO

While your web site may look great, if it can’t be found when people search for your services, products or location, your financial outlay may not prove fruitful. We are experienced delivering Search Engine Optimisation that ensures our client’s web sites appear on the first page of Google search results, locally, nationally and internationally.

Image SEO

While not as well know about as internal or external SEO, Search Engine Optimtisiing illustration, video and photo files to appear in text and picture searches results on search engines including Google, Bing and Yahoo will potentially double your online visibility, and returns. Talk to us and we’ll tell you how we can make this less well known Search Engine Optimisation feature work for you.

Web designers Belfast responsive website designs illustration by veetoo design studio Northern Ireland

We create Responsive Mobile Friendly Web Sites

In April 2015 Google changed the online goal posts with an algorithm update that now gives priority to mobile friendly websites on search results on smart phones. This momentous online event was given the name Mobilegeddon.

As over 50 percent of all online users now surf the web on smart phones, let us help make sure yours is a mobile friendly web site, ensuring your web sites stays an effective online marketing tool.

If your web site is not mobile friendly (check if it is on the Google website here), we will be more than happy to help.

Web designers Belfast clients return to, we are experienced developing both totally bespoke and responsive WordPress websites that deliver first page search results, against serious online competition, in cities including London and Atlanta – we deliver everything from design and SEO, to email marketing, Pay Per Click (PPC) and organic Search Engine Marketing (SEM), web hosting and ongoing support.

GIVE US A CALL and we will ensure your web site stays ahead of the competition, and effectively competes with the websites of your peers, in an increasingly competitive online marketplace.

We create Beautiful Bespoke Web Sites.

There is nothing that says ‘we are serious players’ like a web site that is bespoke designed and coded.

We are Belfast based web designers with a unique business model that has, over the years, resulted in delivery of high end web sites that make our SME clients look like national and international trading organisations, and have delivered dramatic increases in the online sales and reach of their bespoke responsive web sites.

Led by our Belfast based creative director, our team of experienced designers, coders and SEO experts have designed and coded ecommerce and brochure web sites that are unique to the clients specific requirements and have consistently surpassed their expectations.


If you require a search feature on your web sites CMS (Content Management System) that includes search by customer name, address, country, date of purchase, spend range, or you wish to apply discount or sales offers to product category, brand or individual product listings, we deliver.

Or if you need data capture to integrate within your email marketing activities, we can help, and have done so on multiple occasions.

While the phrase ‘you get what you pay for’ is always true – you get much more from veetoo.

WordPress web designers.

Keeping up with the Jones’s (web site design) can be costly, if yours is a hand coded web site.

We are experienced WordPress web site developers creating beautiful responsive WordPress web sites that the client can edit and update at the click of a button or two. The design of our WordPress web sites can be totally changed, by uploading a new WordPress theme (design template) that incorporates the most up to date web design technology and features – ensuring your online presence stays well ahead of that of your competitors, and which is more economical to run than a bespoke web site.

WordPress sites are also much easier to SEO (Search Engine Optimise), when you wish to compete against serious online competition and have your site appear on the first page of the major search engines including Google in the local, national or international online marketplace.

We know WordPress inside out.

Experienced SEO Consultants.

Getting your brochure website, catalogue website or ecommerce website in front of your target audience can seem an daunting task.

Experienced doing just that, we know exactly what to do when it comes to internal Search Engine Optimization.

We walk the walk – we have created and positioned web sites on the first page of Google search results for company’s competing online in London and Atlanta (doing so for customers targeting Belfast, or Northern Ireland, is a walk in the park).

We can develop your existing website or create a brand spanking new responsive web site that will look anything but generic and will deliver the online traffic and sales you demand.

Give us a shout and we’ll tell you how we can maximise traffic to your website (and returns from it).

Responsive website design services illustration by veetoo design studio Northern Ireland


With Google now prioritising responsive web sites in search results on smart phones and tablets, a responsive web site is essential in effectively reaching 100% of online users.

web designers belfast website services illustration by veetoo design studio Northern Ireland


Delivering both high end bespoke and economical WordPress driven web sites that engage on multiple levels, complimented by SEO that allows our clients to effectively compete online with major players worldwide.

website photography services illustration by veetoo design studio Northern Ireland


Experienced photographing for both multinational and SME clients on both sides of the Atlantic, our photography will put your marketing collateral on a par with national and international players.

web designers belfast video production services illustration by veetoo design studio Northern Ireland


Experienced producing video for the the BBC and UTV (among others), we can produce and integrate broadcast quality video within your website – maximising traffic, retention and returns.

Web site design Belfast client logo for CS by veetoo design Northern Ireland
Web site designers Belfast client logo design for AP by veetoo design studio Northern Ireland
Web site design Belfast client logo for MPT by veetoo design studio Northern Ireland
Web site design Belfast client logo for CPL by veetoo design studio Northern Ireland
Web designers Belfast call to action photo illustration by veetoo design Northern Ireland

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