Brochure Graphic Design:
MMK Express

Northern Ireland based freight forwarding company MMK Express, in Newtownabbey, commissioned veetoo to develop a marketing solution encompassing graphic design and website development that would put the client’s marketing collateral on a par with that of their competitors, and better position them to compete for tenders from national and internationally trading clients.

Testimonial driven. Emotion engaging.

Driven by stylised industry related illustrations, veetoo conceived and designed marketing collateral that used customer testimonials to support and validate the clients service offerings, and that was  supported by the corporate identity of some MMK Express clients – allowing emotional engagement from both the MMK Express corporate identity and brochure design, and backed up by the instantly recognisable corporate identities of the freight fowarder’s high end customer base.

Our designs allowed the client to successfully use the brochures as handouts from their sales and marketing department at pitch and trade show meetings and as mail shots  – resulting in an increase in turnover and contracts for new and ongoing business for MMK Express from their expanding local, national and multinational client base .

Scroll down this page to see the large examples of our print collateral graphic designs.


Graphic designers Belfast design 5 side image by veetoo Northern Ireland

Project related services:

  • Graphic Design
  • Copy Writing
  • Photography
  • Photo Retouching
  • Printing
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