Marketing Graphic Design:

Northern Ireland based multi services provider Drenagh required marketing collateral designed that would engage their local and tender based target market in a memorable and engaging fashion, and in a style that stood out from that of their competitors.

Surreal photo graphics. Simple calls to action.

Veetoo conceived and created graphic design that was driven by stylised digitally manipulated photos that succinctly summed up Drenagh’s primary service offerings, through dynamic and memorable photography driven graphics.

We integrated photography that we shot at the clients headquarters near Limavady, Northern Ireland with stock photographs, resulting in promotional flyer designs that told as much, if not more, about the client and their service offerings than the copy within the print collateral.

The finished graphic designs created excellent word of mouth and feedback from a majority of the client’s target audience, resulting in a verifiable increase in requests for quotes and new business.

Scroll down this page to see larger versions of this project’s artworks.

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Project related services:


  • Graphic Design
  • Photography
  • Photo Retouching
  • Printing
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