Google maps online marketing success

Google maps online marketing success

Google Maps success for Cafe Carberry

We were please to receive a notification recently from Google to inform us that the Google Maps post we created to support the online marketing campaign we created for Belfast based catering company Cafe Carberry has delivered 70,000 photo views for our client.

The website we originally created for Cafe Carberry is still delivering first page search discovery on Google for service and geographic specific keyword searches that we integrated in the client’s website quite a few years ago.

OTHER WORK done by veetoo for this online marketing project included:



  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)


Web development and SEO for Harpenden Arborists

Commercial photography portfolio image 1620

Web Development / Photography / SEO.

We had a great time photographing in Harpenden, Hertfordshire, with John Franks of Franks Forestry Contractors Ltd.

The company commissioned veetoo to do a major design revamp of their previous web site by developing a responsive mobile friendly web site using WordPress technology, that not only said what the company did, but showed it, through photography of recognisable Harpenden scenes and imagery of the clients staff at work.

We also met and photographed some of the client’s customers, who had great things to say about their experience with Franks Forestry.

Responsive ecommerce web site design

Responsive ecommerce web site design

US based luxury furnishings and and toiletries retailer Copper Strawberry, commissioned veetoo‘s web development department to create a responsive mobile friendly version of the original html web site we created for them some time ago.

Because Google now prioritises responsive mobile friendly web sites over web sites that are not, in their search results, the change was of the utmost importance.

To work to budget we developed the new web site using Magento because of the sophisticated nature of the theme’s e-commerce back end.

Link to the new web site:

Belfast web design testimonial 1

Belfast web design testimonial 1

Web design and development testimonial 1 –

Carberry Catering Belfast.

It’s not often we get to work with someone as appreciative of creativity, and all that goes into designing, Search Engine Optimising and photographing for a mobile friendly web site, such as the site we developed for Carberry Catering Belfast.

Most of the time the client sees what we do as simply a cog in the larger machine, that is running a successful business. When we received a customer testimonial from the directors of this successful Belfast based catering company singing our praises . . . we simply had to shout it from the rooftops!

See Ursula and Raymond Carberry’s testimonial below the screenshots of their web site.

Web designers Belfast project testimonial 1 - image 1a.

Web designers Belfast project testimonial 1 -image 1b.

Working with Stephen from Veetoo was a thoroughly enjoyable experience that has delivered excellent results. We have been blown away by the impressive job he has done in creating such a fantastic website for our business.

We were looking for a professional sleek look at an affordable price and that’s exactly what we got.
He really understood our needs and came up with amazing creative solutions for our site. His creative flair, intuitiveness, knowledge and communication are unparalleled. He is not just a great web designer but an outstanding, highly competent photographer who is passionate about his art.

He brought our food to life. His patience and relaxed approach achieved the quality and style of photography that we wanted.

I would highly recommend Veetoo Design to anyone wanting a show stopping web site.



Editing a WordPress web site

Editing a WordPress web site

wordpress web site how to

veetoo are UK based WordPress web designers and SEO consultants, creating search engine attracting web sites that deliver first page Google search results for client web sites against online competition in city’s including London and Atlanta.


For any of the following always log in to your WordPress web site’s Dashboard first

1. log in to your web sites Dashboard (CMS / Content Management System)

  • go to your web address/wp-admin
  • enter your WordPress user name
  • enter your WordPress password
  • click log in


A key phrase (keywords) is comprised of words that would be used by those searching for what you do or sell and are service, product or geographic specific word – they help attract traffic to your web site.

  • On left side of window go down to and click Settings.
  • This will open up the Settings sub categories.
  • Click the Settings sub category General.
  • At the very top of the General page is a text box entitled Site Title – enter your key phrase here.
  • Click the Save Changes button and you will have added the key phrase to your web sites title tag code.


  • Click where you want to add or edit text (in Posts, Page or Products on left of page).
  • After navigating to Posts, Pages, or Products, locate the name of the page you wish to edit and click edit beneath the name of the post, page or product page.
  • When the page you wish to edit opens, click Visual on the top right of your page’s content – this will present what is seen on the web page online (clicking the ‘Text’ button will display this content in code form – only to be used if you know html code).
  • Click on the page where you want to edit and either type or paste text in place.
  • To remove image or text content, simply click and drag over it and hit delete on your keypad.

ADDING A PICTURE OR VIDEO to a WordPress page –

  • Click on the page where you want the image to appear.
  • Then click the Add Media button to top left of the pages content.
  • Clicking the Add Media button will present a page named Insert Media (the place in your WordPress sites database where the image files, sound files and video files content of your web site reside).
  • Scroll through the images and click the image you want to add to the page.
  • Click the Insert into page button at bottom right of this page to add your picture to the page.
  • Click the blue Update button at top right of the page and you will have update your web page.


  • Go to top of page and roll over New (this will display a drop-down of things you can add) and scroll to and click Media.
  • Or, Click media from the vertical text, this will open a page entitled Media Library.
  • Click Add New and the top of the page will change –  and you will be prompted to drop the image file into a space surrounded by dotted lines.
  • OR click the Select Files button and navigate on your computer to the file you want to upload. Select the image and click Choose to upload it to your web sites database.

While the above are guides to basic editing on a WordPress web site, we offer consultancy and support on all aspects of WordPress web site development, including online store development (woocommerce), internal SEO, photo file SEO (have your pictures deliver traffic to your site from Google picture search results), search engine optimised copy writing, commercial photography and video production (we’ve filmed for BBC Worldwide).

First page Google search results for mobile friendly web site

First page Google search results for mobile friendly web site

Our SEO consultancy services have delivered first page Google search results for the responsive mobile friendly web site we developed in WordPress for Cootehill Precision Engineering.

This responsive web site was developed using Wordpress to allow the client easy access to edit the sites content, and also allows for the integration of a multitude of WordPress plug-ins available to add many varied features to the web sites look and functions.

While serious Search Engine Optimisation was not included in this project’s deliverables, we provided minimal SEO that today presents the client’s web site on the first page of a Google search in the UK for ‘precision engineering cavan’. Long may it continue to do so.