In case you wondered why your Adobe Indesign CS3 software was malfunctioning on Apples MacOS High Sierra.

The issue seems to be a bug in this version of Apple’s Operating System software (MacOS High Sierra), which can be easily fixed by reverting your MacOS to Sierra.

While we love that Apple now provides free MacOS upgrades, we’ve discovered this has it’s drawbacks.

We first noticed Adobe InDesign CS3 malfunctioning when the guys at our graphic design services department opened InDesign CS3 software one one of our older Macs, and discovered all window content was blank.

At first they thought the error was the fault of our Adobe software, but after opening Pages, our iWork page design software, we noticed the same error occur.

It seems there may be bugs in Mac High Sierra that, perhaps, should have been discovered and fixed, before the guys at Apple decided to launch this somewhat irritable MacOS (High Sierra) on the general public.


We found the best way to do this was to revert our Mac’s Operating Systems (MacOS) to Sierra, and then load content from the most recent Time Machine backup made when you were running Sierra and then replacing Mail, and Contacts content from the most recent Time Machine backup.


If you wish to revert your Mac’s MacOS from High Sierra to Sierra, where this problem doesn’t seem to occur, check out this page by the good people at MacWorld (link below), and you will be running this great page editoing software in no time at all.

How to Remove MacOS High Sierra

Adobe InDesign CS3 functioning correctly on Mac OS Sierra - screenshot.

Adobe InDesign CS3 functioning correctly on Mac OS Sierra – screenshot.